Spinal Anesthetics administration and accuracy depends on multiple factors. In this article we will focus on preparation aspect of spinal anesthesia administration. Equipment preparation is the first and very critical step, which should be planned ahead. Choosing appropriate Spinal Needles considering several factors such as gauge size which varies from 16 gauge sizes to 30 gauge sizes, lengths and various tip designs. Normally anesthetist’s uses 22 gauge needles in older patients (exceeding 55 years in age). Younger patients (under 55 years) smaller needles are used to avoid any possibility of post dural puncture headache. 25-27 gauge needles are used in such patients. Spinal Needles can have cutting tip or blunt tip. Custom Spinal Trays are normally used in most of the facilities. Custom Spinal Trays usually consists of Spinal Needles , sterile filter, sterile towels , sterile gloves , introducer needle and sterile gauze. The rate of PDPH is more in women than in men also higher with 27 G Quincke and Whitacre needles and greater in women than in men.