If you are thinking to open your first physical therapy practice, it is important to plan this exciting and challenging undertaking. Detailed analysis and proper planning is critical to make your dream a reality, in a limited budget. Amongst many other factors understanding the area demographics of your location is very important. If your area has a lot of baby boomers then be considerate of accessible building and restroom features for your office. Purchasing equipment and selecting software for your practice are also important factors of success. Planning some after hour services like gym, can also be a good source of referrals. Deciding the clinic space can be a tricky question. Subleasing space from other health professional setups can be a good alternative to start your first practice.

Having the wide range of equipment options available from the onset is not a prerequisite. It is a best practice to create a list of equipment based on the services you are planning to offer. Assigning ranks like “must have” or “nice to have” for each equipment can help you decide the needed purchase of equipment. There are number of clinical equipment needed for your practice such as tape measurer, treatment tables, stools, large mirror, treadmill, hand weight set , pulley sets , ice packs, hot packs, electrode, exercise floor mats, medicine balls, stackable steps,. Office equipment like phone, printer, fax, computer, credit card machine and marketing materials (business cards, brochures) also need a dedicated budget. You can always add more equipment as your practice grows and you understand more about your patient needs.