Protective apparel buying decision are influenced by comfort , quality and cost factors. Protective apparel material’s quality is evaluated according to different international standards i.e. ISO 6529, ASTM 6978-5 or EN 374-3. Protective apparel is created using different materials such as “Multi-Ply Material “, which provides good levels of protection and comfort. Protective apparel made of “Spunbond Polypropylene “prove to be cost effective while ensuring comfort and fluid protection. High fluids situations are well worked with “Polyethylene” based protective apparel. Protective apparelquality tests measures different factors:

  • • Fabric resistance against liquid protection
  • • Fabric resistance against liquid protection of water under constant pressure
  • • Fabric liquid penetration of water by impact

Surgi Solution team acknowledges the importance of keeping your staff protected and comfortable while staying cost effective for the overall operations costs of the facility. Below are some of the suggested products which we offer on our Web Store: