Use Flash Sterilization Appropriately  

• Flash sterilization should be used only when there is insufficient time to process by the preferred wrapped or container method. Flash sterilization should not be used as a substitute for insufficientsurgical instruments inventory.  

Weigh Cost of Instruments vs. Patient Safety

• Although surgical instruments sets can be a significant cost for facilities, the cost pales in comparison to the detriment associated with declining patient safety and contamination.  

Establish Guidelines

• Define the rules for flash sterilization by your facility and establish appropriate guidelines for everyone to follow. A flash sterilization log for all medical supplies must be used.  

If you have to Flash, Do it Right

 • Used closed sterilization containers or the patented Flash-Guard System so medical products are protected from contamination from autoclave to point of use. The Flash-Guard system is easy to use, sterilization is fully validated and instruments can be transported safely within guidelines through non-sterile areas.  

Build More Efficient surgical instruments sets

 • Inventory surgical instruments and determine which are used most frequently. Streamlined surgical instruments sets should be built to only include those instruments. The fewer surgical instruments in the set, the less time it takes to process a set. With streamlined surgical instruments sets, money isn't wasted on instruments that are rarely used. Find a medical supply company who can help you save money and time when building an efficient surgical instruments set.