Raw Material of Surgical Instruments

• Raw material of surgical instruments plays vital role in surgical instruments, high quality raw material medical supplies and surgical instruments last longer without losing their shape and functionality. Selection of raw material some depends on the intended function of the tool, e.g. Scissors and blades cannot be manufactured in non-magnet stainless steel being soft.  

Surface Finish  

• Surgical instruments surface is polished (matt finished, mirror polished) to prevent rusting and easy cleaning before and after use. When buying new surgical instruments ensure surface and mechanical joints are clean, smooth and free from cracks and porous materials unless specifically required for the functionality of the surgical instruments.  

Ergonomically Designed

• Surgical instruments should be easy to use, user-friendly and ergonomically designed.  

Smooth Operation  

• Some surgical instruments are made of multi-parts; working of these instruments should be smooth, e.g. bandage scissors should cut smoothly and forceps should grasp smoothly.  


• Passivation is a process that prevents rusting; passivated surgical instruments last longer without getting rust. Ask for passivated surgical instruments when buying from the medical supply company.