Healthcare Reform Act and growing competition in healthcare sectors has triggered the growing pursuit of high quality products with reduced risks. Orthopedic Implants sector has been catching up to the use of single-use instruments and custom trays. Orthopedic O.R. has seen increasing use of single-use disposables and fixed-driver surgical instruments in recent years. This trend is common in CRM, CV and Neuro Implants. Primary driver for this shift is the use of advanced robust technology being used to develop these disposable instruments to support implants. These advancements enabled the ortho surgeons to meet the specialized torque and robust design requirement’s associated with implant procedure and CMF surgeries. Patient safety increased as surgeons have complete confidence in instrument torque calibration accuracy.

Custom Surgical Trays  paired with medical device implants is another emerging trend. These arrangements promise convenient and sterile solutions for O.R. persons and surgeons. At the same time health care centers do benefit from increased cost savings and operational efficiency. Hospitals and ASC’s utilize low carbon foot prints to comply with environmental laws.