Quality of exam gloves is administered by FDA (Center for Devices and Radio logical Health). The scope of FDA Administration covers various factors such as strength, width, elasticity and freedom for pinch holes. AQL (acceptable quality level) standards have been defined and adopted in collaboration with Internal Groups and ASTM International (American Society of Testing and Materials) along with other international organizations. FDA validates the quality of exam gloves by enforcing a set of test methods in collaboration with ASTM. Below we are reviewing some of the key factors regarding quality standards of exam gloves : ·

Comfort level is a very important consideration for medical gloves. Gloves that have better fittings prove to be better adopted by medical professionals. Nitrile gloves are deemed as a comfortable option due to the flexibility and softness. Vinyl Gloves are soft but lack behind in fittings. ·

Strength Testing:
Objective of “strength testing” is to measure puncturing, resistance to tearing and ability to stretch of exam gloves. Manufacturers of exam gloves can be contacted to retrieve the manufacturer specifications and tests results. ·

Barrier Protection:
Barrier properties and protection in high risk situations is also key part of AQL standards for exam gloves. “Water Leak test” and “Air Inflation Tests” are one of standard tests in barrier protection category as per AQL standards. SyntheticVinyl Gloves provide better durability and protection as compared to Vinyl Gloves for “low risk, short duration procedures”.

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