Pain Management Specialists uses spinal injections for diagnostic and therapeutic reasons. Objective of diagnostic injection is to identify source of pain whereas therapeutic spinal injections are aimed at relieving the pain. Spinal Injections are administered under x-ray guidance to ensure safety and guided placement of medication.

Epidural Injections are given to patients who experience pain in spine and radiates to arm or leg.Epidural Injection is delivered in spine Epidural space. Epidural injection can help in inflammation reduction and relieves the pain. Few a year epidural injections are provided to patients due to steroid side effects.

Therapeutic Nerve Block Injections are also used in some cases for pain reduction. Nerve signal travelling activity is interrupted for pain reduction purpose. Local anesthetic such as lidocaine, a steroid and an opioid combination is used to reduce inflammation and pain. Nerve Blocks may also be used for some other reasons such as “to determine source of pain” or “to predict pain treatment response”. Patients can feel relief from chronic pain from 6 to 12 months (varies case to case). Patients with blood clotting disease or have uncontrolled infections are not recommended for Nerve Blocks .

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