Infectious organism’s prevention is a very important priority for any healthcare facility. It is important to classify the surfaces and situations and use the appropriate disinfectant product. Some healthcare facilities classify infection risk situations as “Critical Category (direct contact with internal fluids e.g. blood or tissues)”, “Semi Critical Category (mucous membranes or broken skin contact), “Non Critical Category (internal skin contact)”.

Sanitizers ” are used for bacteria reduction (e.g., MRSA) to a level considered safe by Public Health codes. Sanitizers used in healthcare facilities must be EPA registered. “Disinfectants” are used for elimination of multiple infectious organisms including bacteria and many viruses (e.g. influenza). Disinfectants used in the healthcare facilities are regulated and administered by EPA. There are further classifications defined by FDA such as:

  • • “High Level disinfectants” are controlled by FDA as they are required for instruments which come in contact with mucus membranes (Semi Critical Category).
  • • Intermediate level disinfectants are very effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

High level Disinfectants or “Medium Level Disinfectant” are recommended for semi-critical risk situations. For noncritical risk situations, low-level disinfectants may be adequate. All objects or materials used where the risk of infection is critical should be absolutely sterile.

OSHA ( ) regulation guideline for permissible exposure limit (PEL) standard for ethylene oxide of 1 ppm in air as an 8 hour time weighted average and 5 ppm over any 15 minute sampling period. OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (HazCom), requires that information concerning any associated health or physical hazards be transmitted to employees via comprehensive hazard communication programs. EPA ( ) regulations for reduction in emissions of ethylene oxide (EtO) from hospital sterilizers was introduced in dec,2007.Hospitals which route ethylene oxide to a control device are in compliance with the rule requirements. (*reference credits to OSHA and EPA*)

Liquid Sanitizer