Evolving Practice Needs and Custom Surgical Trays New regulations, compliance requirements, growing competition, practice growth are one of many factors which keep changing the practice needs. Administrators are continuously challenged to respond to these challenges especially in custom surgical trays area. We will discuss few best practices to better manage your custom surgical trays evolving needs:

Remove unnecessary items from custom trays- Following up with surgeons to receive their feedback will help you identify the non-essential items from your custom trays.
Plan and forecast your need in collaboration with custom surgical trays manufacturers- Collaborative planning and being able to forecast custom trays quantity for 6 to 12 months can bring better pricing to the table for your practice
Look for small gains in efficiency Looking for small efficiency gain opportunities and incorporating them to update your custom surgical trays can go long way for the practice. For instance a time saving achieved by updating your custom trays with a surgery prep item can translate to big savings
Consult with the staff- adopting a continuous feedback process (quarterly ) from the staff regarding the unused items from custom trays can also be a good indicator for updating your custom surgical tray configuration
Keep your custom surgical trays as lean as possible
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