Disposable exam gloves are used during medical procedures and in other healthcare settings while providing care for patients.exam gloves are thin (generally 4 - 8 mils thick). Healthcare disposable exam gloves for are based on EN 455 safety standard. A disposable exam gloves used during patient care reduces the risk of contamination of health-care workers hands with blood and other body fluids. Medical exam gloves provide the needed barrier between surgeons /clinical staff and patients to prevent cross infection.

There are different kinds of exam gloves:

Disposable exam gloves are made of different materials. Each glove type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Disposable exam gloves selection also depends on multiple factors such as “type of procedure/activity”, “user size” etc. Vinyl Gloves provide good resistance to abrasions. nitrile gloves provide good alternative to latex exam gloves.nitrile gloves provide good protection against chemicals.nitrile gloves provide excellent puncture resistance and abrasion whilst retaining flexibility and comfort. latex exam gloves (natural rubber) reduces infection risks. latex exam gloves can offer abrasion, tear and cut resistance (Depending on the formulation and material of a particular glove)

Surgi Solution Offers a wide wariety of gloves, Some of our suggested Gloves are listed below: