Absorbable Sutures are naturally dissolved and digested by the body's cells and fluids in the area where the Surgical Sutures are embedded during the healing process. These types of Surgical Sutures are typically used internally.

Non-Absorbable Sutures cannot be digested by the body and must be removed.These types of Surgical Sutures are typically used for external cuts and incisions.

What Surgical Sutures needle shapes does Surgi Solutions Offer?

  • Reverse Cutting (REV)
  • Taper Cut (TAP CUT)
  • Taper Point (TAP PT)
  • Spatula

What Surgical Sutures Needle sizes does Surgi Solutions Offer? Needle sizes include 3/8 and 1/2 circles in multiple design configurations.

What Surgical Sutures sizes (diameters) and lengths are offered in Surgi Solutions Sutures? Surgical Sutures size ranges from 1-0 to 6-0 (000000) with Surgical Sutures lengths including 10'', 18'' and 27''.

When or Where are different kinds of Surgical Sutures used? Braided Silk Suture and Chromic Gut Suture are typically used during oral surgery. Polypropylene Suture  and Polyester Green Braided Suture  are usually used by hospitals, whereas surgery centers utilize Monofilament Suture  Black Nylon Suture  And Coated PGA Braided  (dyed and non-dyed) Suture are most often used by plastic surgery and dermatologists. Below is a list of Absorbable Surgical Sutures available at Surgi Solutions :

Below is a list of non-absorbable Surgical Suturesoffered by Surgi Solutions: