Hospitals are under ever growing pressure to be cost effective and lean in their operations, which makes the case for “custom surgical trays” questionable. Our experts believe that going the extra mile for “custom surgical trays” gives the hidden roi in terms of efficiency and better care standards for health care organizations. There are some obvious benefits with custom surgical trays:

  • •Time and Labor Efficiency during the procedure – All supplies needed for the procedure are available and no time is lost finding the surgical supplies for a particular procedure
  • •Custom Trays are organized per the preference of doctors
  • •Elimination of product handling chores from support staff

Hospitals can get more sophisticated with the procurement planning by collaborating better with physicians and non-physician’s staff to determine which procedures makes more sense to have custom trays. This approach can help in planning the surgical budgets more efficiently. Another key factor is to agree with the group of physician’s to standardize the surgical products needed in the custom trays which are most likely to satisfy needs for multiple procedures. This approach can prove to be very helpful for procurement team because they get more leverage for negotiations. For instance hospitals may want to go comprehensive with their custom trays and may include disposable drapes and gowns inside their trays as well as procedure-specific items such as Surgical Sutures,surgical blades,Chiba Needle etc.