All dentists understand the importance of brushing and flossing for proper oral health. Majority of patients don’t realize the importance of proper cleaning. Dentists and hygienists want to give clean feeling to their patients through polishing. Dental hygiene schools around the country teach “polishing” as a means to remove plaque and stain. Studies do indicate professional polishing as statistically superior to tooth brushing. In one of such studies ,one half of the mouth was polished with zirconium silicate polish until no plaque remained as evidenced by disclosing solution while the other half of the mouth was self-brushed by the participants using the Bass technique and zirconium silicate polish with the same goal of negative disclosing solution evidence. Then, the patients refrained from oral self-care for the three-day duration of the study. Researchers concluded that the polished teeth had statistically significant lower plaque scores.

Prophy Pastes  are used to remove acquired pellicle and stains.Prophy Pastes  are sold in 2-gram unit-dose cups. The FDA regulates the fluoride content and safety of Prophy Pastes .Prophy Pastes  generally feature grades of increasing coarseness, signifying larger and larger pieces of cooled, crushed, volcanic lava, called pumice. Some Prophy Pastes  contain either abrasives or pumice. Numerous studies have been conducted with a focus on the qualities of the polish itself vs. its stain removal qualities. The larger or harder the abrasive particles are, the longer it takes and more difficult they are to break down.